Many men face the problem of early ejaculation. In most cases, such difficulties occur during adolescence and are not characterized as a disorder. Simply the sexual system of the boy begins to develop and he can not control it yet. Fears cause problems with sexual function in men of adulthood. In such a situation, the risk of developing pathologies is likely, therefore treatment of premature ejaculation should be under the supervision of specialists.

Problem of early ejaculation

Treatment is carried out by various methods: medicaments, surgical, with the help of phytotherapy.

But in any case, you need to first find out the causes of the disorder.

Below are the main of them:

  • Injuries of the penis;
  • Congenital pathologies;
  • Inflammatory processes in the organs of the small pelvis;
  • Hormonal failures;
  • Mental disorders;
  • Hypersensitivity of the penis.

If anxiety symptoms are found, men should immediately consult a doctor. Only an experienced specialist on the basis of the causes of the disorder will suggest an effective method of treatment.

Drug treatment of premature ejaculation

One of the most common methods of therapy is the use of medications. In most cases, drugs are used to reduce the sensitivity of the penis, remove the psychological clamps and get rid of anxiety.

The main advantages of treatment with medicines are:

  • quick action;
  • reduction of anxiety;
  • persistent clinical effect;
  • low cost.

Preparations for premature ejaculation

Dapoxetine. The most effective drug of our time, designed to treat rapid ejaculation, is Dapoxetine. The active ingredient is dapoxetine hydrochloride.


Dapoxetine for treating rapid ejaculation

Pharmacological influence of the drug is based on the binding of serotonin, due to which receptors in the brain of a man are blocked, which has a positive effect on the prolongation of sexual intercourse.

The advantages of the drug:

  • Prevention of rapid ejaculation;
  • Strengthening of orgasm;
  • Increased libido;
  • Getting rid of depressive states;
  • Stimulation of testosterone production.

Dapoxetine is taken once a day. The maximum effect is achieved within 30 minutes. The drug has the following contraindications:

  • liver disease;
  • lactose intolerance;
  • intolerance of the drug components.

It is not recommended to take Dapoxetine concomitantly with antibiotics, analgesics and sleep-improving drugs.

In addition, treatment with Dapoxetine can have side effects:

  • headaches and dizziness;
  • problems with the digestive tract: vomiting, diarrhea, constipation;
  • allergic reactions.

But what if the man does not want to take tablets with a lot of side effects? How to get rid of an unpleasant problem without resorting to pharmacology? In this situation, sprays based on lidocaine will come to the rescue. The latter refers to anesthetics. The action is based on a decrease in the sensitivity of the nerve endings of the penis. The spray is applied to the penis, thereby achieving the effect of delayed ejaculation.

Condoms with an anesthetic

Another tool that helps with premature ejaculation, are condoms with an anesthetic. The action is similar to sprays on lidocaine.

To combat early ejaculation, sedatives also help: motherwort infusions and valerian, sodium bromide and others. However, in most cases, the effect is negligible. These drugs are suitable for prevention, not for full treatment.

Methods of the control of orgasm

Along with other techniques, there are techniques that can be used in addition to the basic ones. Below are some of them:

  • Helps to increase the time of sexual intercourse a small amount of alcohol. Before sex, a man needs to drink a couple of glasses of good red wine. This will help him to relax physically and psychologically;
  • Constriction of the penis. The essence is to squeeze the penis with your fingers. Performed when a man almost reached a peak sexual strain. Pressing is carried out for a few seconds on the bridle of the penis. Compression should not bring discomfort to a man;
  • Stop with a deep inhalation. At the approach of an orgasm, the man stops, makes some deep breaths and exhalations and tries to think about something abstract. After weakening sexual tension, we should continue frictions.

An excellent solution will be to use these tips in combination with gel, with a prolonging effect. The gel is applied to the penis before intercourse.

Surgical treatment with premature ejaculation

What if the pharmacology does not work? How to cure a man with surgery? In this situation, there are two methods: circumcision and denervation of the penis.

Denervation of the head of the penis

The method is based on excision of the nerve tissues located around the glans penis. At operation the exact microsurgical tool is used. If the denervation is temporary, the cut off nerve tissues are immediately stitched. Due to this, the sensitivity of the glans penis returns gradually, within half a year. Sexual intercourse during the recovery period can last up to 30 minutes. In this case, the brightness of sexual sensations in a man will be reduced. But the habit of long sex will be formed.

If a permanent denervation of the glans penis is performed, the nerve endings are partially cut, but they remain uncrosslinked. Thanks to this, a permanent effect is achieved. The minus of this operation is the low sexual sensitivity of the male penis.

Excision of the prepuce

The method is based on circumcision of the prepuce of the male penis. The effect is achieved due to the absence of friction between the head and the foreskin during sex. Over time, a man can control the duration of sexual intercourse.

In rare cases, it is possible to combine both methods.

Physical exercises to combat premature ejaculation

The most effective methods for correcting ejaculation are Kegel exercises. The bottom line is the training of certain muscle groups responsible for sexual arousal. Also with the help of this method, it is possible to improve the blood supply of the small pelvis, which positively affects the erectile function of the man and avoids problems with the reproductive system.

The technique consists of three exercises:

  • Take any convenient position for you, then count out 5 seconds and strain the pubic-coccygeal muscle, as if restraining urination. Keep the muscles in suspense for 5 more seconds, then completely relax. Do 10 repetitions;
  • Also, take a comfortable position. Strain the pubic-coccyx muscle at first not much, hold it for 5 seconds, then strengthen the muscle contraction for a maximum and hold for 5 more seconds. Then completely relax. Carry out 10 times;
  • Dynamic compression. Take a comfortable posture, after which start to quickly shorten and relax the pubic-coccyx muscle. The main condition – without pauses. Rest between sets is 30 seconds. Do 10 repetitions.

Ideally, all three exercises will take no more than 6-7 minutes. This complex must be done in the morning and in the evening.

Problems in the sexual sphere hurt painfully the male psyche. Many men, once experienced an unpleasant situation with a premature ejaculation, begin to experience fear. They ask themselves: how to treat this disorder? All this leads to the fact that the man closes in himself and refuses new acquaintances.

In premature ejaculation, the psychology of a man is often to blame.

In fact, the problem is very often psychological. Treatment as such is not required. A man should change his way of life: abandon bad habits, play sports, and, of course, begin to get acquainted with women. Gradually, the confidence will return to him, and with it, fear will disappear.

If the problem is related to pathology – do not despair. Modern medicine allows you to solve most of the difficulties in the sexual sphere. Do not delay with a visit to the doctor and be healthy!